Press Declaration

The na­tio­nal or­ga­niza­t­i­on DIA­LO­GUS has or­ga­ni­zed a na­tio­nal mee­ting in RABAT on Sun­day ,JUNE the 12 th . The mee­ting di­s­cus­sed the sub­ject : the fu­ture of the Ama­zigh lan­gua­ge in­si­de the chan­ges in north Af­ri­ca .
Many po­li­ti­cal and civil ac­tivists in the Ama­zigh mo­ve­ment and the Ama­zigh youth of the Fe­bru­ary 20 mo­ve­ment at­ten­ded the mee­ting. After a long di­s­cus­sion the mee­ting de­cla­red the fol­lowing:
1 – The participants app­re­cia­ted the in­ter­ven­ti­on of DIA­LO­GUS to organize the mee­ting.
2- The mee­ting de­ci­ded to sup­port the Fe­bru­ary 20 th mo­ve­ment as a peace­ful protest mo­ve­ment which in­sis­ted to stan­dar­di­ze the Ama­zigh lan­gua­ge and ask for real de­mocra­cy In Mo­roc­co.
3- The mee­ting in­vi­ted all Ama­zigh mo­ve­ment con­sti­tu­ents to open a large and con­struc­tive dia­lo­gue to cont­ri­bu­te ef­fi­ci­ent­ly in the strong chan­ges in North Af­ri­ca .
4- The meeting sup­port the Li­by­an re­vo­lu­tio­naries against the GAD­DA­FI re­gime who lost the le­gi­ti­micy and con­s­i­ders the in­ter­val na­ti­onal coun­cil as the alone le­gi­ti­ma­te re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve of the Li­by­an peop­le .

RABAT in 12 JUN 2011
Fo­un­da­ti­on Dia­lo­gus

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